Maaaaany people have been asking me how to make gifs,apply topaz,sharpen and keep it under 1MB,so I decided to make you guys a tutorial.

I’m gonna make this basic gif:

Programs needed:

✼ Photoshop (mine’s CS5-not extended)

✼ Quicktime Player

✼ Any video in those formats: MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or MP4 

In this tutorial I’m gonna show how I make my gifs. But pay attention: I’ll make a tutorial later about sharpening and how to apply topaz in gifs without PS extended.


You need a video to make gifs. Download one from youtube or anywhere else.

Once you’ve got the video, open PS and go to file > import > video frames to layers. 

and then this window is gonna pop up: (it’s gonna be empty at first,but write “*" and the files will appear)

After that,select your video and click on “load”. 

Attention: if your video is not in the right formats (the ones I said in the start of this tutorial) it won’t work because those are the only ones accepted by quicktime player.

Now,another window is gonna show up and you have to select the part of the video that will be your gif.

The red highlighted part must be like this. 

Now,look at the arrow. There’s a little gray part there. That’s the part I’ve selected,you can choose any part from your video byholding shift and moving it. Just don’t make it really big because this will make so many frames and stressful stuff.

Press ok and wait for the document load.


Make sure your animation bar is selected. (window > animation)

Now you crop your gif the way you want. Tip: a good size for gifs is 500 x 250px. You can change the height,but for tumblr the weight must be 500px,unless it’s for a photoset. I’m making my gif only as one example,so the size is 245px.

Your gif is probably too fast. Let’s change the time.

I usually set the time around 0,1 - 0,15 but that depends of the gif and of you. Choose the best time for you.


Yeahhh! now your gif is basicly ready. It’s time to add a psd to it. Open a psd and drag it’s group to the gif, above all the layers.

(okay I personally think this gif is very cute isn’t it? I made it only to explain for you guys.yeah.)

And now you can save it! 

Now pay attention in those settings:

Blue Highlights: Keep it always like this.

Red Highlightes: It can be changed;mostly for make your gif under 1MB. Where’s written “perceptual”,you can choose any other one excepting for restrictive -cuz it sucks-. In “pattern” I only don’t like “noise”. 

This setting is my favorite and in my opinion it’s the best for gifs. Buuut…it’s the most “heavy” one. Another that is also very good and not so heavy is this one,my second favorite:

In short,The red highlights can be used to make your gifs with less kb. (I’m gonna make a tutorial only about it later)

Well,now you save it :) 

I really hope it helped,and keep in your mind that it’s not sharpened neither with topaz yet.


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